"Over the last four years, I have worked with Courtney on numerous projects and she is always at the top of the list of photographers I recommend. She has become a dear friend, but from the start I have admired her professionalism and drive. She knows her strengths and brings to the table passion and dedication. Her results are quick, her deliveries always on-time and what I asked for.
I highly recommend her for both her work in beauty photography and product photography.
You can see samples of what she delivered for my luxury skin care line's packaging photos here:
Please feel free to contact me if I can offer any additional information to guide you in choosing Courtney for your next project."  -May Lindstrom, Owner of May Lindstrom Skin

"I've had the pleasure of working with Courtney to shoot a very ambitious twelve models in one day. Not only were we able to get all the shots we needed done on time, but she delivered exactly what we wanted. She is highly professional and knowledgeable, and her previous experience as a makeup artist and eye for detail gives her an edge. Her charming personality and her sense of humour is a bonus! I look forward to working with her again in the future. Thank you, Courtney!" - Charmaine Mossbarger, Creative Director of TAAZ

“I hired Courtney for several of Romeo & Juliet Couture's e-Commerce photography shoots. She was a pleasure to work with, and her eye for detail was superb. Fashion photography has to be very detailed, especially when you're selling products online! Her turn-around time for the photos were always met, and sometimes would be quicker which was always appreciated. I highly recommend Courtney Dailey!” -Deidre Manna-Bratten

"Courtney Dailey is a true professional with several professional years as a makeup artist and photographer. I first hired Courtney as an Instructor when I was working for a Makeup Academy in Hollywood. Her instruction and delivery to students was educational, honest, and value added to our students career!

As a photographer, Courtney is detailed and polished. She takes the time to listen to the entire team to ensure that the outcome of the creative direction is met. It is a pleasure to know and work with such a trust worthy professional." -Adrian Villa, Beauty Editor

"Courtney and I have worked together at least 4 times (and I live cross the country!). I was looking for a fantastic beauty photographer to build my portfolio with, and I was referred to Courtney through a makeup artist friend. The first shoot we did ended up being my first cover (Scratch UK, August 2009) and ended up winning best cover of 2009. Everytime we work together I love the selects, in fact when I signed with my artist agency in NYC, over half of the images in my book were our collaboration. I always get images back lightning fast, she is a WHIZ in post, replies to emails and inquiries promptly. I have recommended her to countless friends and they all love her too." -Julie Kandalec Manicurist, Bryan Bantry Agency NYC